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What do we mean when we say we make only "Rhône style" wines?

The Rhône, a major river in France, rises in the Alps and flows south to the Mediterranean Sea.  This river lends its name to the southern French wine region on its banks, the Rhône Valley.  The indigenous grape varieties that grow in the region, like Syrah, Grenache & Viognier, are often referred to as Rhône grapes.  So, regardless of their place of origin, wines made from these grapes are said to be Rhône style wines the world over.

Click here to download our descriptive list of the most popular Rhône grapes used to make Rhône style wines.  It even provides a pronunciation of each grape.

So, the next time you peruse a wine list at your favorite restaurant, you might just see a wine you recognize and will venture to try.


It's Sangria time, but not just any Sangria....Rosé Sangria!

Dust off those drink pitchers and follow this simply delicious recipe for Rosé Sangria.  Just a few simple ingredients is all you need and its a drink you are going to love!  It only takes 5 minutes to mix together, then chill and you will have a tasty drink to serve.